The purpose of the annual awards program is to recognize important local historic preservation efforts, especially the rehabilitation or restoration of historic buildings in Bowling Green and Warren County.

Nominations come from the Landmark membership and Board recommendations.

The awards are presented at the Annual meeting. Not every category has a winner every year.

2017 Landmark Award Winners

Congratulations to the following award winners
announced at the Annual Meeting
at Federal Grove in May.   
General House Award
809 Covington Street
Marcia Brown
1006 East 10th Avenue
Gray and Neill Caudill
1638 Chestnut Street
Chuck Clark
Building Award
326 East Main Avenue
Spot Cash Building
Loralee Stephens
410 East 10th Avenue
Suites at 410
Jason Heflin and Chad Webb
Steel Wool Award
400 East Main Avenue
Pushin Building
John Ridley 
Heritage Award
Joseph Stephen Hays
Lamplighter Award
Melanie G. Smith
Grant Awards
621 East Main Avenue
Janice Chumbler
801 Park Street
Simon Funge and Sherry Tyger
1327 State Street
April Pearson
1340 Chestnut Street
Charlie and Tracey Ray
400 East Main Avenue
Pushing Building
John Ridley
936 Covington Street
Jeff and Margaret Stein
326 East Main Avenue
Spot Cash Building
Loralee Stephens
Award Categories

Landmark Building Award
Given to firms, individuals or organizations who have completed significant and sensitive rehabilitations of public, commercial or religious buildings.

Jean Thomason Historic Home Award
Given for the outstanding restoration or rehabilitation of a residence. One is given annually.

General Historic House Award
Given to residences where noticeable and sensitive historic preservation work has recently occurred.

Jane Morningstar Award of Merit
Recognizes additional and substantial work to a previously restored commercial or public building.  One is given annually.  

Heritage Award 
Given to an individual who has made substantial contributions to historic preservation efforts over a period of years.

Cultural Landscape Award
Recognizes outstanding preservation work with historic sites such as historic cemeteries, trails, roads, military fortifications or larger areas such as rural agricultural landscapes.