Includes Virtual Tour, Walking Tour Brochure, Community Announcements, and more!

Home of the State Historic Preservation Office, this website includes a bevy of useful information and links.

This website, run by the National Park Service, explores the History and Culture resources of the country.

Burgoo includes a directory to help with genealogical research.

A guide to the Old Louisville National Historic Preservation District, America’s Victorian Treasure.

Home Improvement and Modeling based on the This Old House franchise.

Ideas and advice for old house enthusiasts.

 Find and explore local state parks in the area!

A division of the City-County Planning Board of Warren County, the Bowling Green / Warren County Historic Preservation Board website features both agendas and minutes from past board meetings, staff reports, details area codes, laws, and guidelines, and more.

Preservation Kentucky is the statewide historic preservation advocacy organization.

Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring & Reconstructing Historic Buildings